Scala for the Impatient

Scala for the Impatient
Sample Chapter(s)

by Cay Horstmann

Scala is reaching a tipping point, as thousands of Java and other object-oriented programmers hear about its potential and seek to discover this breakthrough functional programming language for themselves. Until now, most treatments of Scala have been abstract and academic. Now, Cay Horstmann does for Scala what he did for Java in his global best-seller Core Java: he offers a rapid, code-based introduction that's relentlessly practical and 100% useful. Every concept and technique in Scala for the Impatient is presented in "blog-size" chunks that can be digested quickly and reviewed as needed for specific tasks. Horstmann offers hands-on activities that guide readers through four well-defined stages of competency:

  • Basic Scala: REPL, basic syntax, control structures, functions, arrays, maps, tuples, classes, objects, and inheritance
  • Intermediate Scala: higher-order functions, collections, case classes, Option, exception handling, traits, and the Scala type hierarchy
  • Advanced Scala: nested classes, packages, and modules; generic types; lazy data structures; existential types; structural typing; and more
  • Expert Scala: object equality, monads, higher-kinded types, implicit definitions, annotations, delimited continuations, and techniques for DSL construction
  • The free PDF includes a subset of the book (Chapters 1-11, 139 pages) suitable for a beginning application developer (or the A1 Scala Level, if you prefer). If you are interested in purchasing the full book get it here.

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