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  • Case Study, E-Commerce

    After rebuilding its web application and mobile stack with Scala, Akka and Play, Walmart Canada experiences faster development and improved scalability, boosting conversions by 20% with Typesafe Reactive Platform.

    We chose Scala, Akka and Play Framework because we recognized that we needed to switch to a Reactive development environment and decouple critical components in order to allow for faster development and better scalability.

    Simon Rodrigue VP of eCommerce at Walmart Canada
  • Case Study, Technology, E-Commerce

    Tomax deployed Reactive programming to overhaul POS and in-Store computing user experience at leading retailers.

    When associates check out customers in the aisles, the customers spend more money. The more adaptive store systems can be, both on the front and the backend, the more profitable the retailers can run. Typesafe is a key ingredient in making this happen.

    Eric Olafson Tomax CEO

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Social, Big Data

    Under the hood, LinkedIn consists of hundreds of services that can be evolved and scaled independently. In this architecture, services spend most of their time calling other services and waiting on I/O. Learn why LinkedIn, which uses Scala for key backend services, selected Play to help scale both their web applications and development efforts.

    We've found that Play is one of the few frameworks that is able to maintain the delicate balance of performance, reliability, and developer productivity.

    Yevgeniy Brikman LinkedIn

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  • twitter

    Story, Social, Online Service, Big Data, Mobile

    A primary goal at Twitter is to make sure the service is always available no matter what is happening around the world. This goal felt unattainable in 2010 with Ruby, when the World Cup put Twitter squarely in the center of a real-time, global conversation. Learn how Twitter re-architected its site using Scala to make sure their service is resilient to the world’s impulses.

    It wasn’t going to be easy to get our performance, reliability, and efficiency goals out of the Ruby VM, so we embarked on writing code to be run on the JVM instead. There was a level of trust that we all had in the JVM. We were confident we could pull off a sea change for Twitter in the world of the JVM. We estimated that rewriting our codebase could get us > 10x performance.

    Raffi Krikorian VP, Platform Engineering, Twitter
  • Case Study, Technology, Social, Mobile

    Hootsuite Modernized Its URL Shortener to Scala / Akka Using the Play Framework and the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

    We found Play to be a very easy-to-use framework for development. It was quick to get people using it, it promotes writing non-blocking, Reactive-style code, and as a result your apps get more efficient. Additionally, RESTful APIs are a first class citizen in Play, and it is simple to integrate 3rd party tools like automated API documentation framework Swagger.

    Jim Riecken Senior Engineer at Hootsuite

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  • Case Study, Technology

    Nitro outlines the importance of Play, Akka and Scala to the company’s product delivery evolution during period of explosive growth.

    The Typesafe Reactive Platform has helped us deliver increasingly better user experience. Legacy .Net web services latency decreased by a factor of 10 on average. The Typesafe Platform has enabled service de-composition and also sped up the release process several times. This enables our team to release frequent (sometimes daily) updates for selected services only.

    Tihomir Bajic Nitro VP of Product Engineering
  • Case Study, Technology, Education

    Coursera's remarkable online education service delivers high quality classes directly to users desktops, and turned the company into an overnight success. Delivering any service in a scalable, seamless manner however, is hard to do without the right tools. Coursera decided to utilize the Typesafe Reactive Platform to handle the massive scale and concurrency issues they faced.

    Play combines useful and powerful libraries without being opinionated. It is very extensible and allows us to plug in our own custom logic or tools and features to make it all work seamlessly. We measured just recently; we're serving tens of millions of requests per day using Play.

    Brennan Saeta Software Engineer, Coursera

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  • Case Study, Social, Media, Big Data

    The Huffington Post, a leading online news source recently built a new, integrated platform to propel them through the next stage of their skyrocketing growth with the Typesafe Platform.

    Scala was new to the group, so having commercial support and training was a big benefit for Huffington Post. We’ve had really good success getting quick resolutions to questions. Plus, when we wanted some help with Slick, a Typesafe consultant came out for four hours. We got ten people in the room and got everyone up to speed. That’s the kind of responsiveness and engagement that we really like.

    Adam Denenberg Huffington Post’s Vice President of Engineering
  • Case Study, Retail, E-Commerce, Social, Big Data

    In the world of flash-sale sites, Gilt Groupe remains one of the largest. The e-commerce innovator turned to the Typesafe Reactive Platform of Play Framework, Akka and Scala to build an architecture that can handle a two-orders-of-magnitude increase in traffic over the course of a few seconds.

    The Typesafe Reactive Platform enables us to move faster, build on what we have done, do less overall refactoring, and – we strongly believe – attract the best people.

    Jonathan Goldberg Lead Software Engineer, Gilt
  • Case Study, Search

    Replacing Perl and Ruby applications with Scala-based code and an Akka runtime environment, the WhitePages team delivers order of magnitude improvements in application speed and hardware utilization.

    With non-Reactive, non-evented languages built around process models, we tied up big chunks of memory and were limited to how much concurrency we could get on a server. With Akka and Scala, concurrency is just there. It gives us much better flexibility and a more efficient code base.

    Devin Ben-Hur WhitePages

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  • Case Study, Online Services, E-Commerce, Big Data

    Learn how Ticketfly used the Typesafe Reactive Platform of Play Framework, Akka and Scala to craft a powerful reserved seating engine (something that is notoriously complicated to build because of its rapidly changing state), that could scale easily, handle bursty and unpredictable traffic patterns and compete with online ticket scalpers.

    Clearly, the goal is to do these operations concurrently and non-blocking, so that entire blocks of seats or sections are not locked. Finding and allocating seats under load happens in less than 20ms. The system has very good performance without having to try very hard to achieve it.

    Andrew Headrick Platform Architect, Ticketfly

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  • Case Study, Social, Mobile

    Wix enables everyone to build beautiful, professional websites. Its userbase has skyrocketed from 5 Million to 50 Million in less than 3 years. Based on the belief that the future is Reactive, engineers at Wix felt that Scala was a better language for future-proofing against massive scale challenges. They've rewritten much of the codebase into Scala, and have a mandadate that all new products be written in Scala.

    Scala allows us to write better, more beautiful code, and it just makes us better engineers. It strikes the balance between conciseness, expressiveness and practicality, and you can do amazingly complex things with few lines of code. Pragmatically, it’s highly maintainable and easy to understand, so traffic challenges, scaling challenges and data modeling challenges are much easier to approach.

    Shai Yallin Software Engineer, Wix

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  • Story, Social, Online Service, Big Data, Mobile

    Foursquare crunches mountains of check-in data every day, turning it into something valuable: the ability to discover new places in the real world via your friends. Learn how Foursquare is using Scala, PostGIS and other technologies to map and understand the world.

    Foursquare is a Scala shop. Scala has a really great benefit of being built on the JVM [Java Virtual Machine] so we get to pull in all the Java libraries that we want. And there are some really great Java libraries for geographic work.

    David Blackman Software Engineer, Foursquare

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Technology, Security

    Auvik Networks is using the Typesafe Reactive Platform to build a radically simple, cloud-managed network automation platform to alleviate the pains of managing computer networks. With the vision to create a simple yet robust solution, Auvik chose Scala to develop a powerful network language compiler and application, Akka to handle the huge number of parallel operations and calculations that need to happen, and Play Framework to build a rich user interface.

    Akka’s concept of actors not being tied to threads is very appealing. You still need to use best practices but so far Akka has really simplified our architecture.

    Marc Morin CEO, Auvik

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Media

    Graham Tackley, Head of Architecture for the Guardian, shares how his team is using the Typesafe Reactive Platform of Play Framework, Akka, and Scala to enable the media giant's transformation from a print-based organization to one that is digital-first in philosophy and practice.

    Moving an entire team to Scala didn't happen overnight but Scala protects your investment in existing Java libraries, tools, and developer programming skills.

    Graham Tackley Head of Architecture, Guardian
  • Story, Technology, Big Data

    Spark has emerged as the next-generation platform for writing Big Data applications for Hadoop and Mesos clusters. Part of Spark’s success is due to the foundation it is built upon, components of the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

    When we started Spark, we had two goals — we wanted to work with the Hadoop ecosystem, which is JVM-based, and we wanted a concise programming interface... On the JVM, the only language that would offer that kind of API was Scala, due to its ability to capture functions and ship them across the network. Scala’s static typing also made it much easier to control performance.

    Matei ZahariaCreator of Spark & co-founder Databricks

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  • Case Study, Technology, Big Data

    BrightTALK Increases Concurrency and Resiliency of Back-End Services with Akka and the Actor Model.

    Akka has allowed us to greatly improve the reliability of all of these real-time events on the back-end of the Live platform. As multiple data feeds get merged together, and as presenters and attendees go through their journey interacting with BrightTALK, we are able to make sure the integrity of the data is 100%, and that there are no longer single points of failure due to serial processing.

    Alistair Cairns VP of Engineering BrightTALK
  • Case Study, Technology, Social, Mobile

    With thousands, or even millions, of users needing access to the same result set, synchronizing the data object and handling all of the transactions on the back end is a problem set that led Appgree to the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

    It was very important to us to design our system in such a way where we could be Reactive in the future.

    Eduardo Fernandes CTO at Appgree

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  • Case Study, Technology, POS

    Akka, Play and Slick Help Spendgo Innovate Customer Loyalty at the POS

    Play provided the async mechanism and coupled with Akka allowed us to model these things much better," said Mokkapati. "Play Framework has some of the best documentation that I’ve seen - it’s very easy for people to get on board.

    Prasad Mokkapati Architect at Spendgo

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  • Case Study, E-Commerce

    PredictionIO is a popular open source Machine Learning server that developers use to create "predictive" features in web and mobile applications. PredictionIO turned to the Typesafe Reactive Platform to build a platform that could support the ongoing requirements to process huge amounts of data.

    When you follow best practices of using Play, you build Reactive Applications," said Chan. "We didn’t have to think about how to achieve a non-blocking, stateless architecture, because the Play framework took care of it. And those are really critical criteria of a machine learning server.

    Simon Chan CEO, PredictionIO

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  • Case Study, Search, Technology

    Leveraging Scala, Play and Akka, Kifi executes as many as 50 new code deployments per day in a highly aggressive continuous deployment environment.

    We built Kifi from the ground up as a Reactive application and the Typesafe tools gave us the best combination of scalability, agility and reliability. We also got the added benefit of a great recruiting tool because developers want to learn Scala.

    Eishay Smith CTO and co-founder - Kifi

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  • Case Study, Technology, Transportation

    The Typesafe Reactive Platform enabled Xebia to create a solution that allows all parties working on the Dutch rail network to accurately track and account for cargo moving around the country using mobile devices. In the event of a rail accident, first responders are now armed with accurate information regarding the type of cargo involved and can plan the safest and most expedient way to deal with the situation without putting their lives in unnecessary danger.

    The turnaround time on this project was really tremendous. Also because of the simple model with Akka Actors, it was very easy for me to build in intelligence such as 'what has changed on a track?' or 'which cars are on the track now, but weren't there before?'

    Raymond Roestenburg Architect, Xebia

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  • Story, E-Commerce

    What started as a proof-of-concept micro e-commerce site to internally demonstrate the simplicity of Scala code and developer productivity of Play Framework, gained traction and now the Typesafe Reactive Platform is the foundation of Walmart Canada’s new e-commerce platform.

    If you’re working on a new project that needs to be scalable, reliable, and easy to maintain, or you simply want to stretch yourself as a programmer, Scala is definitely worth it.

    Kevin Webber Nurun

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Media

    Recently, Gawker Media made the move to consolidate their fragmented infrastructure under a JVM based umbrella; the Typesafe Reactive Platform was a natural choice for this company with extreme scalability requirements that experiences over 80 million unique page visitors monthly.

    The Typesafe Reactive Platform helps us maintain a very aggressive development and deployment cycle, all in a fail-forward manner and now it is the default choice for all of their new services.

    Peter Hausel Vice President of Engineering, Gawker Media
  • Case Study, Technology, Database

    Datazenit swapped out Python/Django back end for Scala and Play Framework for a modern, Reactive architecture.

    Great software takes time and the right tools for the job. We’ve found the Typesafe Reactive Platform to be the best tool for our architecture needs.

    Lauris Dzilums System Architect, Founder and CTO, Datazenit

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Media, Mobile, Big Data

    For this leading broadcaster, audiences are at the heart of everything it does. Delivering on its commitment of providing high-quality, original and at times challenging output requires mining a wealth of usage data for insight. When the broadcaster realized its 2,000 stakeholders needed this information daily rather than monthly, it turned to Valtech and the Typesafe Reactive Platform for help.

    The use of Play’s asynchronous actions and Scala’s futures allowed parallel database and network operations to be dispatched simultaneously, without blocking web servicing threads. Plus, it enabled us to deliver the application in just 12 weeks.

    Oliver Wickham Principal Consultant, Valtech

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  • Story, Online Service, Big Data

    At Airbnb, internal tools are just as important as user-facing products, especially where understanding and analyzing user behavior is concerned. In the past, its analytics team used Cron to manage workflows, but they quickly realized sleep statements were not enough for managing complex dependency hierarchies. Learn how Airbnb front-end and back-end engineering came together to build a distributed system for scheduling data pipelines by using Scala with Mesos.

    Our analytics team depends on very complex data pipelines for analysis, necessitating having a Data Infrastructure team for building systems and tools to support this function. We built an in-house called Chronos, which is a distributed system for scheduling data pipelines, which is easier to manage and debug.

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  • Case Study, Government, Security, Mobile, Big Data

    CSC explains why it chose the Typesafe Reactive Platform for the Dutch Border Patrol mobile security monitoring app, which photographs every car coming into the country and quickly knows - based on the license plate - whether to stop that car or not.

    The sheer magnitude of this system, with numerous border checkpoints, distributed sensor arrays both across the border and in patrol cars meant building a system that was highly asynchronous and concurrent.

    Raymond Roestenburg Architect, CSC

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  • Case Study, Media

    The Typesafe Reactive Platform enables CCAD to develop current and future conditional access (CA) technologies and supporting control system infrastructure, which are deployed among major operators worldwide.

    The quality level of what we produce with Scala, Akka, and functional programming techniques is so high. Our product marketing team and our product owner have made numerous comments about the technology stack’s contribution towards both this quality level and reduced qualification and regression testing.

    Michael Pilquist Chief Software Architect, CCAD

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  • Case Study, Technology, SaaS, Mobile, Big Data

    Janrain uses the Typesafe Reactive Platform to move towards elastic sizing in the Cloud; the plaform has enabled them to very quickly spin up a new approach that allows for a lot of flexibility in application deployment.

    Scala and Akka fit just perfectly with Janrain’s small, lightweight, service component-based development modules

    Thomas Lockney Software Architect

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  • Case Study, Technology, Diagramming Tool

    Lucidchart is a fully functional diagramming application running inside the browser, which uses pure Javascript to create an experience that feels like a native app. When the team was searching for a new architecture that could support its explosive user growth, they turned the to the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

    The move to these technologies is already paying off. Response times are down for processor intensive code - such as image and PDF generation – by around 75%.

    Brian Pugh VP of Engineering, Lucid Software

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Social, Mobile, Big Data

    Klout is the leader in measuring online influence by calculating a user's social impact through extensive data mining. When the company faced a rapidly growing technical hurdle - data aggregation across several social networks and data stores in real time, with results instantaneously presented to end users - they turned to the Typesafe Reactive Platform for help.

    Having a central platform [Play Framework, Akka, and Scala] has empowered Klout to scale to a billion API requests per day.

    David Ross Sr. Software Engineer, Klout

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Advertising, Big Data

    How do you match quality content to the right viewer at the right time in the right place? By running thousands of auctions respecting a myriad of variables. Sharethrough's 99.99% latency is 12ms and they aim to keep it that way with the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

    Our algorithms needed to be efficient, scaling at worst linearly with the quantity of content in the system. Developers were quickly productive with Scala because of their familiarity with Java.

    Robert Slifka Vice President of Engineering, Sharethrough

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  • Technology, Energy, Big Data

    Ensuring that the energy grid functions correctly is a complex task requiring both consumers and producers to work in harmony to maintain required stability. Typesafe helped Viridity Energy build an enterprise software application that hides the complexity of the energy markets, links customer energy usage and market price data and provides clear, actionable information to its customers that can dramatically reduce their energy costs.

    When I read the Reactive Manifesto, it was like reading our technology roadmap, methodologies, and case for business expansion. Everything in this manifesto is consistent with our goal to create THE best-in-class total energy optimization platform

    Duncan DeVore VP Software Engineering, Viridity Energy

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  • Case Study, Technology, Entertainment

    Transitioning from Ruby to the Typesafe Reactive Platform, Yap.TV manages increases in traffic and new problem domains.

    When selecting a partner to help us re-architect our backend infrastructure, we wanted to work with a team and a platform that share our high quality of standards. SoftwareMill and the Typesafe Platform enabled us to do just that, while building out a new solution that allowed us to scale and grow in new directions.

    Trevor Stout CEO at YAP.TV

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Advertising, Big Data

    Tapad allows advertisers to employ consistent ads across multiple platforms: home computers, tablets, smartphones, and now even smart televisions. With advertiser SLAs measured in milliseconds, Tadpad turned to the Typesafe Reactive Platform of Play Framework, Akka and Scala to reliably process 150 billion data points from cookies, cellphone IDs, Wi-Fi connections, and other inputs.

    Our system is highly concurrent, and the Actor implementation from Akka makes it startlingly simple to write comprehensible code that leverages all the cores in our production machines.

    Dag Liodden CTO and Co-founder, Tapad

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  • Case Study, Technology, Security, Big Data

    When Heluna needed to future-proof its SaaS-based anti-spam solution, it turned to the Typesafe Reactive Platform of Play Framework, Akka, and Scala for an architecture that could scale out to process hundreds of millions of e-mails per day.

    When we made our initial move from Java to Scala, the ramp up time was surprising short. It took a few weeks to get up to speed with basic Scala, and another two weeks to get into the functional side of things.

    Mark Beeson Chief Architect and Founder, Heluna

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  • Case Study, Consultancy

    Cake Solutions offers an interesting view into the decision process behind evaluating and onboarding new technology providers, and how those choices can improve delivery times, product quality and reliability.

    The advantages the Typesafe Reactive Platform provides in the software development cycle, enables us to work more efficiently and effectively, both in terms of innovation and speed to market.

    Guy Remond CEO, Cake Solutions

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  • Case Study, Technology, Consumer, Big Data

    Discover how Knowtaker is revolutionizing digital notes by blending artificial intelligence with the Typesafe Reactive Platform to automatically pull important phrases and reminders out of mutliple applications and present them in a responsive fashion to end users.

    Akka provides us with scalability for the future but also allows us to create a loosely coupled system that allows the ah2ition of new types of AI engines and the integration of different source and destination systems quickly and easily.

    Mike Kelland CEO, BoldRadius

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  • Case Study, Technology, Big Data

    simpleBI, a company with a goal to make the power of Business Intelligence affordable to companies of all sizes, worked with respected partner Tindr to architect a unique solution on the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

    With the help of the Typesafe Reactive Platform, we see a clear opportunity to bring BI to the masses.

    Mike Kelland CEO, BoldRadius

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  • Case Study, Technology, Social, Mobile

    47 Degrees focuses on design, technology consulting, and development of iOS/Android mobile and web apps. Discover how the Typesafe Reactive Platform made its development team four times more productive.

    Because it's so natural to reason around concurrency problems using Akka and Scala Futures, we spend less time worrying about how to implement multithreaded processes. In general, we focus on the application rather than concurrency problems.

    Raúl Raja Martínez Co-Founder, 47 Degrees

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  • Case Study, E-Commerce, Technology, Social, Mobile

    Scala and Akka power HolidayCheck, Germany's largest online travel site and agency, hosting approximately 30 million monthly visitors. To manage massive scale, dynamic cloud and cluster deployments, polyglot persistence and simple API usage, HolidayCheck turned to Typesafe to help architect a solid and reliable foundation that could support their international user base.

    I am sure that without Typesafe, we would not have the confidence to use Scala and Akka in our business or platform. Good to know that there is someone who can help!

    Christopher Schmidt Senior Lead Architect, HolidayCheck

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  • Case Study, Technology

    Primetalk has the ambitious vision of replacing the awkward interactive voice response systems (IVR) that are commonplace today, with user-friendly spoken dialog systems (SDS). Due to drawbacks such as localizing memory leaks, communication errors between threads, and limited scalability, they turned to the Typesafe Reactive Platform for the solution that could turn their vision into reality.

    The transition to Scala was enabled by its seamless integration with Java. New Scala modules could be used immediately in the current version of Speech Portal. All subsequent modules since then have been developed with Scala.

    Arseniy Zhizhelev CEO, Primetalk

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  • Case Study, Technology, Social

    When working in a distributed company, tools that easily enable cross-team, low-friction and global collaboration are key to productive communication. Flowdock is a powerful platform that integrates activity from various project management tools, version control systems, customer feedback channels and many other sources into an easily consumable stream. Leveraging Scala and Akka for scalability and high-performance, Flowdock makes it easy for teams to work through issues together, and react in seconds.

    We turned to Typesafe for Flowdock's core messaging service and were able to bring a team with no Scala knowledge up to speed quickly; with Scala and Akka, Flowdock is able to handle 1700 messages/second routinely and can scale far beyond that if necessary!

    Otto Hilska Product Line Director, Rally Software

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  • Case Study, Technology, Cloud Management

    Abiquo provides a single platform to manage and control your entire private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure. When it became clear that the system would hit peak throughput at a relatively low load because of its massive configurability, the company turned to the Typesafe Reactive Platform for help.

    This new architecture proved to be an immediate success. Our solution is now able to processes many requests in parallel while providing users with far richer feedback about the different subtasks that it is executing.

    Albert Puig Senior Engineer, Abiquo

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  • Case Study, Online Services, Education, Social

    In a move to transform higher education for both students and educators, Chris Cox launched BeamStream, a collegiate social collaboration network. Cox explains why he chose the Typesafe Reactive Plaform of Play Framework, Akka and Scala, emphasizing how the importance of performance and scale factored into the decision making process.

    Performance and scalability are big requirements. We need to plan for a huge surge in messages being exchanged between students and professors during exam season.

    Chris Cox CEO, BeamStream

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  • Case Study, Technology, Social, Big Data

    Conspire is a robust tool for analyzing email data in order to give users detailed analytics about their email network so they can better understand the strenghts of their connections. To build a solid foundation for their customer-facing product, they turned to Akka and Scala for scalability, resiliency and simplicity.

    Building a production-ready social networking backend in three months with three developers is a daunting task. Learn how the Conspire team did just that with the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

    Ryan Tanner Software Engineer, Conspire

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  • Case Study, Technology, Marketing Resource Management

    When BrandAirport, a leading provider of Marketing Resource Management systems in Sweden needed to develop a new version of a sign and print module they engaged Mejsla, a Stockholm-based consulting firm. The resulting solution consisted of a brand new Scala module smoothly integrated with the existing Java environment.

    With the help of both mentoring and Scala literature, our seasoned Java developer picked up Scala well enough to be productive within the first two or three weeks of the project.

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