Application Development Support

Typesafe Offers Comprehensive Reactive Platform Application Development Support

Typesafe Activator is a browser-based tool, built on the Typesafe Stack, with reusable templates that are linked to in-context tutorials for jump-starting Reactive Application Development.  Just download, extract and run the executable to start building applications immediately via the easy to use wizard-based interface.  Typesafe Offers Comprehensive Reactive Platform Application Development Support.

The Typesafe Reactive Development Platform is a JVM-based runtime and toolset consisting of Play Framework, Akka, and Scala that allows you to build systems that are event-driven, scalable, resilient and responsive; ready to be deployed on multicore and cloud computing architectures. 

“The Typesafe Reactive Platform helps us maintain a very aggressive development and  deployment cycle, all in a fail-forward manner. It’s now the default choice for developing all new services.”

Peter Hausel, VP Engineering, Gawker Media

The Typesafe Subscription is a simple annual subscription that complements the Typesafe Reactive Platform with certified builds, professional maintenance, application development support, and operations tools. The subscription has no long-term commitment or lock-in.

The open source development process drives rapid innovation, but also introduces challenges for long-term application development support as individual components and APIs evolve. To bridge this gap, the Typesafe Subscription includes access to tested and hardened long-term releases of the Typesafe Reactive Platform, including the Scala language, Akka middleware, and the Play Framework. This type of application development support  for commercial releases is available exclusively to Typesafe Subscription customers, and include certified binaries as well as source code.

With the Typesafe Subscription, your team can build against defined, commercially maintained releases of Play Framework, Akka, and Scala and be confident of long-term binary compatibility and application development support; and without sacrificing open source flexibility. That means your development team can build once and hand off to operations, without needing to constantly update your application to incorporate changes or improvements in open source community initiatives.

The Typesafe Subscription includes application development support for software engineers to ensure that your project gets off to the right start. Software developers will receive assistance from experts on specific development challenges, advice on best practices, and timely resolutions to issues that are blocking development through our multiple application development support channels including our web portal and email. This ensures that your developers can focus on solving business problems without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.