Typesafe Reactive Platform


Introducing the Typesafe Reactive Platform

Typesafe is the proud provider of the world's leading Reactive application development platform. We are a passionate crew of technology pioneers committed to building amazing software. We build and maintain the Play web framework, the Akka message driven runtime, and the Scala programming language. Our mission is to help developers build high-performance applications that are responsive resilient, elastic and message driven.

  • Responsive

  • Resilient

  • Elastic

  • Message Driven

New requirements demand new technologies

As described in the Reactive Manifesto, Reactive development is fueling the new wave of applications. Only a few years ago a large application had tens of servers, seconds of response time, hours of offline maintenance and gigabytes of data. Today applications are deployed on everything from mobile devices to cloud-based clusters running thousands of multicore processors. Users expect millisecond or even microsecond response times and 100% uptime. Data needs are expanding into the petabytes.

New requirements demand new technologies. Previous solutions have emphasized managed servers and containers. Scaling was achieved through buying larger servers and concurrent processing via multi-threading. Additional servers were added through complex, inefficient and expensive proprietary solutions.

But now a new architecture has evolved to let developers conceptualize and build applications that satisfy today’s demands. We call these Reactive applications. This architecture allows developers to build systems that are eresponsive resilient, elastic and message driven: delivering highly responsive user experiences with a real-time feel, backed by a elastic and resilient application stack, ready to be deployed on multicore and cloud computing architectures.

Why Typesafe?

In its 2014 Hype Cycle for Application Development, industry analyst firm Gartner predicted accelerated growth of Reactive Programming through 2016, "as next-generation mobile and big data solutions demand new approaches to match massive scaling requirements."

The Typesafe Reactive Platform provides developers with the most powerful tools to build modern applications that react to events, react to load, react to failure, and react to users. Whether you are decomposing your monolithic application into microservices, bracing for the demands of peak traffic volume, or seeking better strategies for reducing single points of failure, we're here to help. The Typesafe Reactive Platform is used for some of the most sophisticated web-scale challenges and is battle tested by developers at leading organizations in every industry.

Play Framework

Play Framework makes iterative, Reactive application development very simple. Play is asynchronous and non-blocking out of the box and supports both Java and Scala. Plus, It's RESTful by default, with out-of-the-box support for push channels, such as WebSockets. This means you can scale predictably, horizontally, by simply adding new nodes. Because it is event-driven from top to bottom, you get concurrency management and robust multi-threaded processes for maximum compute resource utilization without any heavy lifting.


Akka, in its most basic definition, is an actor system for managing concurrency and distribution on the JVM with support for both Java and Scala. It has an message driven foundation for all of the applications you build, and manages concurrency and location transparency for you with a built-in resilience supervision model that lets you build truly Reactive applications.


The Scala programming language is an optional part of the Typesafe Reactive Platform. You can get started building Reactive applications using the Java APIs with Play and Akka. When you are ready, however, Scala will make building Reactive applications on the JVM less complicated. Scala integrates both functional and object-oriented paradigms and retains full interoperability with your existing Java libraries and infrastructure so you can take advantage of multicore hardware. Consequently, it’s an excellent programming model for Reactive.


The platform is distributed through Typesafe Activator, a browser-based tool that includes easy-to-use templates and tutorials. It’s designed
to accelerate technology adoption and the skill acquisition needed for developing Reactive applications, all while enabling management of the entire application development lifecycle.

Typesafe Activator gets you started with the Typesafe Reactive Platform: Play Framework, Akka and Scala.


Apache Spark is a distributed computing system written in Scala and leveraging Akka that was developed initially as a UC Berkeley research project for distributed data programming. Consequently, Spark represents a logically consistent extension to the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

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