The Typesafe Partner Program

Introducing the Typesafe Partner Program, created to certify and promote Typesafe Business Partners specializing in both training and implementation services on the Typesafe Reactive Platform and related technologies.

The Typesafe ecosystem is thriving, and Business Partners are critical to Typesafe’s success. This program allows you to make the most of your technology expertise by completing certifications that demonstrate familiarity and implementation competency with the Typesafe Reactive Platform. As a trusted resource in this program, Business Partners are the first to be recommended to Typesafe customers when training or implementation help is required.

Partner Tiers

The Typesafe Partner Program recognizes our Partners based on their level of product and solutions expertise, services capability, and overall customer satisfaction rating.

The Program features Premier, Select and Community Tiers. The different Tiers reflect the depth of technical expertise, sales capability, customer satisfaction, and business investment. Premier and Select Partners qualify for these Tiers by meeting rigorous training and certification requirements for their specific product focus or Specialization.

Partner Benefits

All Typesafe partners will benefit from visibility on the Typesafe website and within marketing materials where appropriate.

Entry into the Typesafe Partner Program requires acceptance of business terms and meeting minimum program entry requirements, which include various levels of certification on the Typesafe Reactive Platform, related technologies and training materials.

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