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Online Training

The Typesafe Training team now offers developer education online, so you can learn how to build Reactive applications on the Typesafe Platform!

Online Training:

  • Play Framework for Java Developers

    Free Training

    Play Framework, part of the Typesafe Reactive Platform, makes it easy to build highly scalable, fast and real-time web applications with Java and Scala. In this course, you will learn how to build a Reactive web application with Play, using Java. Divided into 6 short lessons, you’ll quickly get up to speed on the fundamentals of Play, from start to finish, by building a fictitious web application. Let’s get started! Use your Typesafe Account to log in.

  • Apache Spark: An Introductory Workshop for Developers

    This one-day workshop lead by Dean Wampler, Ph.D. is designed to teach developers how to implement data analytics using Apache Spark for Reactive applications. Apache Spark is a distributed computing system written in Scala and developed initially as a UC Berkeley research project for distributed data programming. It has grown in capabilities and it recently became a top-level Apache project . In this workshop, developers will use hands-on exercises to learn the principles of Spark programming and idioms for specific problems, such as event stream processing, SQL-based analysis on structured data in files, integration with Reactive frameworks like Akka, as well as Hadoop and related tools, and advanced analytics, such as machine learning and graph algorithms.