July 25, 2012

What's New in Typesafe Console 1.1-M4

July 25, 2012

We are glad to announce version 1.1 milestone 4 of the Typesafe Console, an enterprise-grade dashboard for monitoring your application built on the Typesafe Stack (including Scala, Akka event-driven middleware, and the Play web framework).

You can try out the new version at Please contact us if you are interested in an evaluation account. We appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to evolve the product in the right direction. In this blog post we will highlight a few of the new features.

Time Periods

It is now possible to specify the time period as either rolling or historical. This is done in the search field or by selecting predefined filters (see images below). The specified time period affects all time series graphs and aggregated statistics. (Please note that the demo only keeps 20 minutes of data which means that any searches outside of the last 20 minutes will not return any result.)


Graphs and Infoboxes

The expanded view of a scope now contains three graphs and infoboxes respectively (see image below). All views have the same layout. Animation, key metrics and throughput in the collapsed view and 3 graphs plus 3 infoboxes in the expanded view.


When you mouse-over any graph/infobox icons will appear in the upper right corner of that component (see image below).  


Clicking on the upside down pyramid icon will either open up a menu from which you can select a graph/infobox (see image below). Selecting an item will change the underlying graph/infobox of that component.


Clicking on the box icon will open up the underlying graph in a zoomed mode. 




Latency Scatter and Spans

We have also added a latency scatter plot which is one of the most useful new graphs.


Each dot represents a span duration. The measured duration depends on selected span type. Default span type is "message", which is the time measured from when the message was sent until the message processing has completed in the receiving actor. You may define marker spans that start and end in any location in the message trace, i.e. it may span over several actors. Another built in span type is "receive", which is the message processing time inside the actor, i.e. the receive function. You specify the span type in the search field.


Aggregated statistics is now also be grouped by actor system, i.e. you can monitor several actor systems running in the same or separate JVMs.

Deviation View

It's also worth mentioning that the deviation view has been improved. 


All deviations are sorted on time with the most current first in the list.

More information

Please see the full documentation of the Typesafe Console for more information.

We invite you to take the online demo of the Typesafe Console for a test drive.

Finally, for more information on pricing and arranging an evaluation of the Typesafe Console, as part of the Typesafe Subscription, please contact Typesafe.


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