September 4, 2012

Introducing Typesafe Console 1.1

September 4, 2012

We are proud to announce version 1.1 of the Typesafe Console. You can try it out at Please contact us if you are interested in an evaluation account. We appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to evolve the Console in the right direction. In this blog post we will highlight a few of the new features.

GUI Improvements

There have been a lot of improvements to the GUI and its related functionality since the last final release (v1.0). Below are some highlights.

Minimized Node Mode

 The nodes can now be viewed in three modes: minimized, normal and expanded. The minimized mode is the new one and it will enable a good overview of many nodes.


Actor Navigation

The actors can now be viewed and navigated in a tree view.


Graph Selection

It is possible to change graphs in each scope view (node, actor system, dispatcher, actor and tag). Available graphs are dependent on in what context they are being shown, i.e. the node view has a set of graphs that may not be available in for example the actor view.  

A new graph is selected by clicking on the upside-down-triangle-icon on a graph and then selecting an option with white text:


Infobox Selection

The structure and selection of an infobox is exactly the same as for graphs (see above).

Zoomed Graph View

It is possible to zoom in on a graph. Just click on the icon in the upper right corner and it will open a popup window containing the graph in a zoomed in view. 


Improved Deviations View with Context Information

The deviations view has been improved with time based ordering of the deviations, context information, i.e. from where the user navigated to the deviations view, and also all types of deviations (errors, warnings, deadlocks,unhandled messages and dead letters) can be viewed.

MongoDB 2.x Support

This version of the Console has been updated to support MongoDB version 2.x (Special thanks to @prasinous who cut a new release of Salat especially for this release of the Console.)

Additional Information about new features

Please see the full documentation of the Typesafe Console for more information about the new, and old, features that the 1.1 version has.

Pricing, Evaluation and Contact Information

Firstly, we invite you to take the online demo of the Typesafe Console for a test drive.

For more information on pricing and arranging an evaluation of the Typesafe Console, as part of the Typesafe Subscription, please contact Typesafe.

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