Typesafe Activator

Akka and Spray

Akka and Spray

December 8, 2013

Builds simple Actor-based REST server. Demonstrates the usage of Spray to build the RESTful API layer; as well as general structure of such REST actor-based applications. Includes tests for the API layer.

Already have Typesafe Activator? Search for activator-akka-spray in the new application template catalog and create a new app.

Or grab the Activator Template Bundle:

  1. Download the Template Bundle
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your system
  3. Start Typesafe Activator's UI:

    In your File Explorer, navigate into the directory that the template was extracted to, right-click on the file named "activator.bat", then select "Open", and if prompted with a warning, click to continue:

    Or from a command line:

     C:\Users\typesafe\activator-akka-spray> activator ui 
    This will start Typesafe Activator and open this template in your browser.
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