Typesafe Activator

Akka and Cassandra

Akka and Cassandra

October 15, 2013

This tutorial shows how to use Cassandra in an Akka application. It starts with the core concepts, then introduces the typeclasses pattern. Additionally, it focuses on write performance and concurrent writes to Cassandra.

Already have Typesafe Activator? Search for activator-akka-cassandra in the new application template catalog and create a new app.

Or grab the Activator Template Bundle:

  1. Download the Template Bundle
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your system
  3. Start Typesafe Activator's UI:

    In your File Explorer, navigate into the directory that the template was extracted to, right-click on the file named "activator.bat", then select "Open", and if prompted with a warning, click to continue:

    Or from a command line:

     C:\Users\typesafe\activator-akka-cassandra> activator ui 
    This will start Typesafe Activator and open this template in your browser.
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