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Typesafe Activator gets you started with the Typesafe Reactive Platform, Play Framework, Akka and Scala

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Typesafe Activator is a browser-based or command-line tool that helps developers get started with the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

A new addition to the Typesafe Reactive Platform is Typesafe Activator, a unique, browser-based tool that helps developers get started with Typesafe technologies quickly and easily. Activator is a hub for developers wanting to build Reactive applications. Unlike previous developer-focused offerings that are delivered simply via a website, Activator breaks new ground by delivering a rich application directly to the desktop. Activator updates in real-time with new content from Typesafe and value-add third parties, helping developers engage and adopt Typesafe technologies in an entirely frictionless manner.

Getting started is a snap; just download, extract and run the executable to start building applications immediately via the easy to use wizard-based interface. Common development patterns are presented through reusable templates that are linked to in-context tutorials, which explain step-by-step exactly how things work. The Activator environment supports each stage of the application development lifecycle: Code, Compile, Test and Run. At the appropriate time, Activator can generate fully fledged projects for the leading IDEs so that application development can continue in these environments.

The rich developer content in Typesafe Activator is dynamic and customizable. New templates are published regularly on the Typesafe website, and anyone can contribute new templates!

Once you have created or opened an application in the Activator UI you can:

  • Read the Tutorial
  • Browse & edit the code (select Code)
  • Open the code in IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse (select Code then the gear icon)
  • See the compile output (select Compile)
  • Test the application (select Test)
  • Run the application (select Run)
  • Inspect the application (select Inspect)
  • Create a new application or open an existing one (select the application's name in the top left then select Manage Applications)

Whenever you save changes to a source file in the application, the changes will be recompiled, and both the application and the tests will re-run.

Even though Activator has a browser-based UI, it can be accessed via the command line too! Check out the documentation for more details.

Activator IS an open-source project, providing ISVs with full access to quickly and easily integrate value-add offerings.

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